"English Yes I Can!"

EYIC Series 2 airing now

In the spring of 2003, GCPS TV, in partnership with Gwinnett Technical College, produced and aired a televised, beginning English class for adult learners, called "English. . . Yes, I Can!" (Series 1). This series represents one of many original programs produced by GCPS TV, the educational access channel for Gwinnett County Public Schools. The series has a three-fold purpose:
  • To increase language ability of parents so they can communicate effectively with the school system, enabling them to be more effective partners in their children’s education;
  • To provide a service to the community; and
  • To promote lifelong learning.

To help viewers further extend their language skills, GCPS TV produced the next level class of English instruction, based on the Level 3 ESL class taught at Gwinnett Technical College. The program, "English...Yes, I Can" (Series 2), began airing on GCPS TV in January, 2004. The final installment of the program, "English...Yes, I Can" (Series 3), premiered in August, 2005.

“English… Yes, I Can!” is a three-part (Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3) video telecourse designed to teach beginning English literacy skills to adult learners. Series 1 is a 34-program series developed to help non-English-speaking adults learn the ground rules of English through visuals and repetition. Series 2 is a 20-program series which targets adults who have literacy skills in their native language and some beginning English, including the alphabet, as Series 2 is a level above a beginning class. Series 3 is a 16-program series designed to assist adult speakers of other languages with a more advanced study of the English Language.

Each one-hour segment on "English...Yes, I Can!" is designed to increase viewers’ language proficiency, to build confidence in English mastery, and to develop self-guided learners. The course curriculum is based on the Pearson Education “Side by Side” (Book 1) textbook and workbook for Series 1, the "Side by Side" (Book 2) textbook and workbook for Series 2, and the "Side by Side" (Book 3) textbook and workbook for Series 3.

Now Available for Purchase: English...Yes, I Can! (Series 1, Series 2 & Series 3)
GCPS TV is pleased to announce that the English...Yes, I Can! (Series 1, Series 2 & Series 3) videotapes are available to local schools and organizations interested in using the series to conduct facilitated English classes for adults. Please contact Kolinda Scialabba (see contact information below) for further details.

GCPS TV regularly broadcasts the "English...Yes, I Can!" series on a continual, rotational basis. Up-to-date programming information can be located on the GCPS TV website and on the GCPS TV bulletin board.

What? “English… Yes, I Can!” is an English-language class for adults, shown in one-hour episodes on television.

When? Four days a week for four weeks
Watch the show:
  • Monday through Thursday at 9-10 p.m.
  • or later the same night at 1–2 a.m.

How? Find this program on your cable channel:
  • Charter— Channel 22
  • Comcast— Channel 24 & 26
What else do I need to know?
You can buy Side by Side Book 1 the textbook and workbook for this class, by:
  • Calling Pearson Education at 1-800-947-7700
  • Purchasing them at the Gwinnett Technical College bookstore or other local area bookstores.

Questions, comments, or suggestions about the program or these materials for facilitators?
Contact Kolinda Scialabba, information specialist in GCPS’ Department of Broadcast and Distance Learning.
Address:Gwinnett County Public Schools, ISC, 437 Old Peachtree Rd., Suwanee, GA 30024
Email: kolinda_scialabba@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
Phone: (678) 301-6507

Interested in placing a group order for the “Side by Side” (Book 1, 2 or 3) textbook or workbook series, or questions about the book or workbook?
Contact Jill Crowley,
ESL specialist for the book’s publisher.
Email: jill.crowley@pearson.com
Phone: 1-888-877-7824, vm # 819130

The “English… Yes, I Can!” videotape series and collateral materials were developed by Gwinnett County Public Schools, in conjunction with Gwinnett Technical College. Copyright © 2003. The textbook and workbook for this series is the “Side by Side”(Book 1) , "Side by SIde" (Book 2), and Side by SIde" (Book 3) Third Edition by Stephen J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss, illustrated by Richard E. Hill. Copyright © 2001 and 2002. The materials are used with permission of Pearson Education.