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This Week ( March 16-22, 2015) on GCPS TV


Creating george WASHINGTON
Students get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of george WASHINGTON, a new orchestral work by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Roger Reynolds. His composition utilizes orchestra, multiscreen video, electronic sounds, and three narrators to explore George Washington in a unique way, showing the first president at different stages in his life. This large-scale work by Reynolds, visual designer Ross Karre, computer musician Jaime Oliver, and performance audio engineer Josef Kucera draws from many academic disciplines including music, history, language arts, science, math, and technology.
In October 2013, the National Symphony Orchestra premiered the multimedia composition, under the direction of Christoph Eschenbach. Grade Level 9-12
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 1 PM (30 minutes)
Program Provider: Fairfax Network
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artSTAGE – Sixth Grade Honor Chorus 2012
Join GCPS TV for a special presentation of artSTAGE spotlighting the 2012 Gwinnett County Schools Sixth Grade Honor Chorus.
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 1:30 PM and 11 PM (30 minutes)
Provider: GCPS TV

Insights into Algebra I. Teaching for Learning.
A series of eight workshops that showcase effective strategies for teaching 16 topics found in most Algebra 1 programs. For middle and high school teachers.
Properties: Monday-Wednesday at 7:30 AM (60 minutes)
Exponential Functions: Thursday - Sunday at 7:30 AM
Program Provider: Annenberg Learner
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Colonial Williamsburg – Working Children (New)
In 1775, a young apprentice boy dreams of a better life while working in a Philadelphia print shop. A Mexican-American migrant girl in 1960's California struggles to harvest garlic all day and keep up with her studies. These and other working children help illuminate the evolution of child labor in America from colonial times to today. Grade Level: 4-8
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 2 PM and 8 PM (60 minutes)
Program Provider: Colonial Williamsburg
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Georgia Stories
A series all about the history of Georgia, detailing important events, people, and places from Georgia’s rich past. Explores the early stages of Georgia’s formation as a colony, Georgia’s role in the founding of the United States, life during the Civil War, the Great Depression in Georgia, and how some of the most important leaders in Civil Rights started their lives in Georgia. Grade Level: 8-12
The Rise of Modern Georgia, Part 1: Monday-Wednesday at 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM (30 minutes each)
The Rise of Modern Georgia, Part 2: Thursday-Sunday at 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM
Program Provider: Georgia Public Broadcasting

ParenTVision: Against All Odds
When faced with an obstacle or a challenge in life, some kids keep going, and others give up. Those who keep going are called "resilient." They are ready to try new things, to experience failure, and then to brush off and try again. GCPS counselor Margaret Cheeley introduces us to a panel of GCPS students who share how their resilience brought them through difficult times and allowed them to reach seemingly unattainable goals. Grade Level: Middle and High School
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 9 AM and 6 PM (60 minutes)
Program Provider: GCPS TV / Connect with Kids Network

Smithsonian Science How? Forensic Anthropology: Bone Whispering (New)
For forensic anthropologist and “Museum CSI” Kari Bruwelheide, every bone tells a story — sometimes a grisly one. Learn how she examines human skeletal evidence for clues to solve mysteries old and new, including whether the Jamestown settlers practiced "survival cannibalism." Grade Level 6-8.
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 10 AM and 7 PM (30 minutes)
Program Provider: Fairfax Network, in partnership with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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Inside Writing Communities, Grades 3-5
This video workshop for elementary school teachers uses classroom footage to demonstrate how a writing workshop approach motivates intermediate students and helps them become proficient and independent writers. Ten teachers from across the country model teaching strategies and share reflections on their practice. Six nationally known experts in writing instruction comment on teaching and using the writing workshop approach with upper elementary students.
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 3:30 PM (30 minutes)
Program Provider: Annenberg Learner
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Meet the Author – Peter Baker
Peter Baker is the Chief White House correspondent for the New York Times and the author of Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House, the New York Times bestseller The Breach: Inside the Impeachment and Trial of William Jefferson Clinton, and, with his wife, Susan Glasser, Kremlin Rising: Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the End of Revolution. During the program, Baker imparts journalistic wisdom, discusses what it is like to work under three presidential administrations, and evaluates impartiality in the press. A student audience from Annandale High School asks questions about his books and a video story features the Annandale High School student newspaper and its business partnership with The Washington Post. Grade Level 9-12.
Air Dates and Times: Monday-Wednesday at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM (30 minutes)
Program Provider: Fairfax Network
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Meet the Author – Erica S. Perl
Erica S. Perl is the author of the humorous picture book, Chicken Butt!, which has been described by one reviewer as “an unhinged piece of slap-happy rhyming.” In addition to Chicken Butt!, Perl is the author of Dotty and Chicken Bedtime Is Really Early. Students will find counting and math fun when they add up all the family members in Perl’s hilarious book Ninety-Three in My Family.
Air Dates and Times: Thursday-Sunday at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM (30 minutes)
Program Provider: Fairfax Network
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Love That Book! Duck, Duck, President!
Join Carmen Agra Deedy in this special election-themed program of Love That Book! Carmen highlights the book Duck for President and helps out her neighbor Olivia who is running for Student Council President.
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 12:30 PM and 10:30 PM (10 minutes)
Program Provider: GCPSTV
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Community Keynotes: 21st Century Teaching and Learning
Produced in partnership with other community-minded organizations, this series of programs captures and shares thought-provoking presentations for the benefit of students, teachers, and the community as a whole. In this program a panel of teachers, school administrators, central office, students, and parents come together to share and promote practices that create success among diverse learners. Focus is on how to cultivate students and understand the “Portrait of a Graduate in the 21st Century.”
Air Dates and Times: Daily at 4 pm (45 minutes)
Program Provider: Fairfax Network
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Weekly updates on the latest in school and system news.
Air Dates and Times: 5-minute program airing at 7 AM, 12 PM, 5 PM, and 10 PM
Program Provider: GCPS TV
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"English...Yes, I Can!
A video telecourse designed to teach English literacy skills to adult learners.(60 minutes)
Air Dates and Times: Monday–Thursday at 9 PM. Lessons repeat Tuesday-Friday at 1 AM.
Program Provider: GCPS TV

Spanish for Educators
Learn key phrases and basic vocabulary for use during the school day and in the community. The course also provides important insight into the rich cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. (60 minutes)
Air Dates and Times: Monday–Sunday at 11 AM
Program Provider: GCPS TV

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