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    • Gwinnett Resource

      GUIDE (Gwinnett United in Drug Education) GUIDE's mission reflects the current understanding that in order to prevent the problems associated with substance use and abuse, a community must be prevention-focused, address the factors that put individuals at risk and provide opportunities to actively and positively engage young people in their families, schools and communities.

      GUIDE's services, programs and major initiatives have evolved over time, based on current prevention research, local needs and available resources. A primary area of focus continues to be school-aged children and youth, although services are also provided for adults. The site has many links to other resources as well.

    • Other Links

      In 1995, went online as the original website for information about the many schools and programs available for troubled teens. The news and articles listed within this site provide an invaluable resource for both parents and professionals, as well as anyone interested in helping troubled teens find successful paths to adulthood.

      Are you trying to find an at risk youth program to fit the specific needs of your teen? This site has has education and family counselors who can help parents find the best school for their child. They work with hundreds of at risk youth programs.

      The site of ParentFurther which is a project of Search Institute, an independent, nonprofit organization committed to helping create healthy communities for every child. Search Institute provides leadership, knowledge, and resources to community members seeking to create a world where kids can thrive. This is a link to their page on underage alcohol use

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