Complete ParenTVision Series

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Affluenza Explores the new term “affluenza” and the concern that today’s parents are rearing a generation of children who define success and themselves by material possessions.
Against All OddsTakes a look at the challenges some teenagers face (such as poverty, physical and family problems, and cultural differences) and how they overcome great difficulties.
A Matter of DegreeExplores the various reasons teens drop out of school: alienation, bullying, exclusion, and pressure to support families financially.
Behind the ScenesMargaret Cheeley and Stacey DeWitt discuss issues facing teens today and provide a behind the scenes look at GCPS TV’s award-winning ParenTVision program.
Behind the WheelExplores teenage driving and the freedom and risks a driver’s license gives to inexperienced drivers.
Civil WarsLooks at the attitude of “disrespectful teens,” the culture that surrounds them, and the belief of many adults that teenagers are out of control.
Good Kids, Bad ChoicesTakes a look at the bad choices “good kids” make and the results that follow.
Just OnceLearn the devastating health risks and behavioral dangers of methamphetamine use, and what some people are doing to fight back.
Parenting in the Age of AlcoholAlcohol is the most misunderstood drug of all, and to kids, educators, policy makers and parents, it’s one of the most frightening and perplexing issues facing parents and teens today.
Prescription for TroubleExplores the drug subculture in America and how parents can deal with the new threat of prescription medications to their children.
ShatteredShares the story of a teenage girl found guilty of vehicular homicide as a result of drinking and driving. Watch the interviews with the driver, the victims’ family, and eyewitnesses.
Silent WitnessExplores why experts believe that the “silent witness” is the key to reversing today’s bullying epidemic.
Teen FinanceThis student edition of ParenTVision provides teens with an intro to finance and money management.
The Digital AgeHear from kids themselves about what they’re really up to online – and advice from experts on what parents need to know to protect even tech-savvy kids from others and their own behavior.
The Internet GenerationAddresses how FaceBook, YouTube, and other social networking sites have become the most popular way for many young people to connect with each other.
The Myth of Self-EsteemHear from real children exposed to both sides of the self-esteem debate. Learn about what works – and what doesn’t.
The Power of ExpectationsLooks at the negative and positive effects of expectations set by parents for their children in the areas of sports, classroom, and life.
The Risk WithinExplores the number one cause of death in adolescents – injury from risky behavior. The program distinguishes between risks that are harmful and risks that are beneficial.
The Teenage BrainLooks at scientific research on the development of the adolescent brain and the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain.
Warning SignsExplores teenage depression, anxiety, and suicide as more adolescents today suffer from these issues than ever before and many go undiagnosed.
When Nobody's LookingExplores why some students cheat in school, lie to their parents, and steal.
When They Say JumpTakes a look at how peer pressure encourages teens to make decisions they wouldn't make under normal circumstances.
Young GunsExamines the impact of violence and guns in the lives of teenagers.