Technical Education and Gwinnett County Public Schools

Technical Education and Gwinnett County Public Schools

Technical Education and Computer Science Programs

The high school technical education and computer science programs include courses in business, computer science, technology education, video broadcast journalism, family and consumer sciences, and marketing. In business information technology and computer science, students can learn programming languages and Web-page design. Computer-related certifications are offered at selected high schools.

Technology education programs include engineering, robotics, computerized mills and lathes, as well as technical and architectural drafting using current versions of AutoCAD software. The high school video-broadcast journalism program consists of eight sequential courses that build theory, knowledge, and applications into college prep and technical prep programs of study. Students enrolled in family and consumer science can learn more about culinary arts, child development, and design. Marketing classes teach students essential skills about promotion, international marketing, and sports marketing.

A number of GCPS technical education programs have earned industry certification. Apprenticeships, internships, and co-op work experiences are available for all high school program areas. Options are available for advanced standing at postsecondary programs through prearranged articulation agreements for many of these areas.

The Grayson High School Technical Education Program offers innovative programs geared toward juniors and seniors from GCPS pursuing college-prep, technical-prep, or dual diplomas in biotechnology, commercial photography, computer network systems and support, culinary arts, digital media and animation, environmental science, landscape design and management, law enforcement, music recording, music technology, technical theater (scenery and lighting and/or costume and makeup), television broadcast, travel planning and hotel management, and veterinarian technology.

The programs at Maxwell High School of Technology include auto collision tech, automotive services, commercial art, computer technology, construction, cosmetology, drafting, early childhood, electronics, graphic arts, horticulture, law enforcement, machine tool/welding, and medical services.

At the middle school level, connections courses include these programs: careers, computer science, family and consumer sciences, and technology education. For more information, call (678) 301-7050.