eCLASS Innovator: Sally Southerland of Chattahoochee ES

eCLASS Innovator: Sally Southerland of Chattahoochee ES

Sally Southerland, 1st Grade Teacher, Chattahoochee ES
How are you using technology in your lessons to engage students in their learning? In my class, the students enjoy using the Mimio for whole group lessons, Guided Math rotations, literacy rotations, and to research topics before they go to the media center or the computer labs. We have Kindle Fires in the classroom for reading non-fiction and fiction books for reading groups.

What technology tools do you use on a regular basis in your classroom? Kindle Fires, my personal Samsung tablet, our Mimio, the student work station, Mimio vote, a document camera, and the teacher laptop.

Why do you think it is important for teachers to embrace technology in the teaching and learning process? Technology is the 21st century way of life. Teachers need to embrace this tool to compete with video games and to keep up with the technology students use at home. My students already know how to use iPads and Kindles because they have them at home. Why not have them in the classroom to speed up research or reading?

What is one of your most effective uses of technology in your classroom? As a BYOD or Bring Your Own Device pilot class, we have only just begun to use Kindle Fires. Prior to this, we used the Mimio for whole group instruction before a big project. With the Mimio, Kindle Fires, and student work stations, my students can research an animal for their report without leaving the room. We are currently in the middle of a project on penguins that calls for students to read fiction and non-fiction books and then create life-size penguins based on their research. They also will use what they learned through their technology-based research to write a paper about penguins.

"I see students engaged and conversing about
what they are finding. They’re not fighting over
the devices; they wait their turn. The students
in reading groups can choose a book of their
choice to read on the Kindles when normally,
they would all have the same book. The eight
Kindles and one tablet in the classroom are always in use."