eCLASS Innovator: Jennifer Dunn of Pharr ES

eCLASS Innovator: Jennifer Dunn of Pharr ES

Jennifer Dunn, 5th Grade Math Teacher at Pharr ES (2012 Gwinnett County TOTY)
How are you using technology in your lessons to engage students in their learning?
I use technology every day through my Mimio and math technology station. Each week, the students have a different task to complete at the math technology station. Whether it be a online game or creating a video, the students do something with technology. I also use my Mimio for all my math mini-lessons and as a station during our Guided Math. In addition to the technology station, I have a song of the week and help section on our class website. The students always listen to the song of the week during transition and also have videos added to the help section of the website for extra practice at home. Here is the link for our site:

Please describe one of your most effective uses of technology in your classroom?
I love for my students to create websites to display their math thinking. One of my favorite lessons is when students design their own room. Students use the entire month to design a room for someone deserving a room makeover. They start by measuring the room and finding the area of each wall, calculating the paint cost, and determining colors. Then they move into “buying” stuff to furnish the room. With an imaginary budget of $2,500, they use the Internet to shop, calculating costs and taxes. Next, they move into floor plans and area models. Finally, they create a 3-D model to scale of their room and items. All of these things are posted on the student’s individual website which includes HyperSnapped pictures and uploaded documents they use during a class presentation. Here is the link of the directions for the project:

What evidence do you see in your classroom that your use of technology has improved learning or increased student achievement?
Technology is a tool in my classroom that I use as a resource to engage and teach students. This improves their learning and achievement with each concept. [With] the songs, I notice the most difference because I can see them singing them during tests :) Also I see a major difference with my students' achievement after using iPASS as a station.

"Technology is a tool in my classroom that I use as a resource to engage and teach students. I use the
Internet, Mimio,
SMART Slate, Boogie Board
(for small group), YouTube,
document camera, iPASS,
etc. daily in my classroom.

Check out Ms. Dunn's
classroom technology site
and several examples of
room design projects
created by her students: