The Aspiring Principal Program

The Aspiring Principal Program

The Aspiring Principal Program (APP) was established in 2007 to develop leaders, readying them to lead 21st century schools focused on pursuing improvement and raising student achievement.

Through the program, aspiring principals become students again in a customized leadership development program designed to ensure the district has the caliber of principals needed in the future. Quality-Plus Leaders focus on results, not activity, and are willing to be held accountable for the results that they and their team achieve. They lead by example, modeling the behaviors desired in others, and they consistently turn vision into reality.

The APP critical reading list includes invaluable content from from well-known thought leaders. APP participants work collaboratively in performance-based teams to develop school improvement plans, staffing plans, respond to crisis situations, complete a budget-simulated activity, and analyze case studies. Additionally, aspiring principals participate in a 90-day residency, with the support of a mentor principal and facilitator coach.


- Foundations of GCPS Leadership
- School Climate
- Organizational Management
- Instructional Leadership
- Planning & Assessment/Instructional Technology
- Human Resources Management
- Teacher Evaluation
- Communication and Community Relations
- Professionalism/Organizational Management