Student Accountability Contacts

Student Accountability Contacts

Dr. Jeff Barker, Executive Director

The Department of Student Accountability and Assessment provides leadership and support in helping schools measure student performance against national, local, and world-class standards, as well as supporting the needs for students as they work to achieve them. The work of the staff within the offices of the department is integrated to identify the needs and target student academic support most effectively.

Office of Student Accountability
Director: Lorna Gallimore

The Office of Student Accountability is charged with the functions of coordinating data collection, analysis and effective use of data to improve student achievement. The staff works with IMD to provide and maintain accurate data in the My Students Student Assessment Reporting Tool and leadership training in its use for instructional planning. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reporting and data validation are also important functions of this office.

Office of Federal and Special Programs
Director: Carol Grady
The Office of Federal and Special Programs coordinates activities and accountability in response to Title I and other compensatory education programs mandated by federal and state law. No Child Left Behind programs related to Title I Parental Support, School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services are coordinated through this office. The Georgia Department of Education's Early Intervention Program is supported within this office.

Office of Assessment
Director: Kay Elder
Coordinators: Heather Bolinger, Karyn Black, Courtney St. John-Wacker - ES & MS, Laura Moak, Tracy Robertson, Holly Rutledge - HS
The Office of Assessment provides support for administration, effective analysis and use of all standardized tests including the Gateway. The Gateway is a local assessment designed to measure a student’s achievement of our approved curriculum, the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS). State-mandated or supported assessments include Advanced Placement, PSAT, Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, Georgia High School Graduation Tests, End-of-Course Tests, Writing Assessments and normed-referenced achievement tests.