Interim Assessment Program

Interim Assessment Program

The Office of Student Accountability coordinates the Interim Assessment Program in all GCPS schools and provides each school with the assessments and the analysis tool with which to analyze student performance.

All Middle schools are provided Interim assessments in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. High Schools are provided nine week Interim assessments in thirteen core courses. Elementary Schools are provided assessments in language arts and math for grades
1-5, and grades 3-5 in science and social studies.

Three different kinds of assessments are provided by this office under the direction of Core Curriculum Directors.

1. Summative - Pre and Post Tests aligned to CRCT and EOCT Content Weights
2. Interim - Assessments at 9 week intervals aligned to GCPS Instructional Calendars.
3. Summative - Diagnostic assessments aligned to EOCT and CRCT Content Weights.

Interim assessments are aligned to the AKS and GCPS Instructional Calendars and function as a tool to identify gaps in students’ conceptual knowledge as related to CRCT, EOCT, Gateway and GHSGT. Interim assessments provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to analyze classroom data, and use it for instructional planning in order to maximize teaching and learning. The Elements tool which houses the data provides opportunities for classroom data to be analyzed (by teacher, class, subgroup, program, student, and school) to identify effective instructional strategies, chart progress on goals, and improve overall student achievement.

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