Math, science skills are key in many careers

Math, science skills are key in many careers

Today’s math and science students are our nation’s answer to the growing demand for highly skilled mathematicians and scientists. Students graduating from high school in the next 12 years will be expected to have mastered some of the most critical math and science concepts and be prepared to apply them in a job, at a technical school, or at a college or university.

Most people immediately recognize that students who pursue careers in healthcare fields and math and science education will use math and science daily. However, many more careers use knowledge and skills from mathematics and the sciences.

If you’re a student thinking ahead to the career you’ll pursue after high school and college or career training, maybe some of these math and science careers will spark your interest:

Did you ever think of designing roller coasters or cars or playground sets or tiny, life-saving devices that might be put in a person’s body? All of these exciting products are the result of engineers who have specialized training and are using their math and science skills every day.

Maybe you have an interest in exploring make-up products, or creams and lotions, all of which are created by chemists who work for skin care companies. Our food products are all designed or inspected by highly skilled chemists. Chemists and other scientists monitor the quality of our environment and our water and natural resources.

Professional athletes depend on the expertise of athletic trainers who are able to care for the athlete’s body when it is injured. Professionals in the field of kinesiology provide the proper training for athletes to prevent injuries.

Marketing and Advertising
The fields of marketing and advertising require employees to understand how math and science are used to design, develop, and produce their products.


So, if you ever find yourself wondering, “When will I ever use this?” begin your exploration of some fascinating jobs that will incorporate your elementary, middle, and high school math and science skills and get ready to put your knowledge and experience to good use. The fields of math and science may seem demanding at times, but the opportunities for those who work hard in these subjects are infinite.

Click here for descriptions of careers in engineering, math, and science. Click here to learn more about how math is used in various careers and here and here for more online resources from the American Mathematical Society.

And ask your school counselor, advisor, or your math and science teachers about what classes to take in high school to prepare for careers like these. And while you are at it…thank your math and science teachers for preparing you for your exciting future!

Tips submitted by Mary Elizabeth Davis, science director for Gwinnett County Public Schools.