About the Quality-Plus Leader Academy

About the Quality-Plus Leader Academy

The goal of the QPLA is to increase student achievement by identifying, recruiting, and preparing prospective school leaders; and selecting, developing, training, and supporting them to become highly effective instructional leaders in 21st century schools.

The Aspiring Leader Program (ALP) and the Aspiring Principal Program (APP) are specific QPLA activities dedicated to this goal, designed for teachers aspiring to be assistant principals and assistant principals aspiring to be principals, respectively.

Mentoring is available to first and second year principals and assistant principals. Novice leaders participate in the program and current GCPS leaders are involved in monthly Leadership Development meetings, Leadership Seminars, and the Summer Leadership Conference.

Strategic Direction
The goal of the Quality-Plus Leader Academy is supported by the district's strategic vision to
build internal capacity.

Quality-Plus Leader Components
The QPLA represents a coherent, intentionally aligned, and logical model for school leader identification, recruitment, preparation, selection, development, training, support, and retention.