Gwinnett County Public Schools’ athletic programs are a great source of pride to our communities. Involvement in athletics helps students develop a better sense of responsibility, cooperation, self-discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship that will help serve them long after graduation. The lessons and values learned by participating on athletic teams last a lifetime.

Gwinnett coaches and athletes are expected to abide by the highest standards of fair play and sportsmanship. Our goal is to make the most positive contribution possible to the physical, emotional, and social well-being of students.

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Each Gwinnett County high school provides extracurricular opportunities, under the rules of the Georgia High School Association, in the areas listed below, which appear by season.

Adapted Sports - Handball, basketball, and football are available for students with physical disabilities (Gwinnett Heat)

Cheerleading (Football Spirit Squads) - 9th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity
Competition Cheerleading - Varsity
Cross Country – Junior Varsity and Varsity
Football – 9th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity
Softball (Fast pitch) – 9th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity
Volleyball – Junior Varsity and Varsity

Basketball – 8th grade, 9th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity*
Cheerleading (Basketball Spirit Squads) – 8th grade, 9th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity*
Swimming and Diving – Varsity
Wrestling – Junior Varsity and Varsity

Baseball – 9th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity
Golf - Varsity
Lacrosse – Varsity**
Soccer – Junior Varsity and Varsity
Tennis - Varsity
Track – Junior Varsity and Varsity
* Basketball and cheerleading are available at the middle school level for 8th grade students.

**GCPS will provide coaching supplements for varsity lacrosse for all high schools. The decision to add lacrosse will be based on student interest at the local school level.

Eligibility for Competition

The governing body for all competitive interscholastic teams is the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). The GHSA by-laws state, “All students establishing eligibility as entering 9th graders are automatically eligible for the first semester.”

All entering 9th graders are eligible to try out for all GHSA-sanctioned activities at the high school. At the end of the first semester and all subsequent semesters, a student who wishes to try out must pass a minimum of five out of six courses and be on track for graduation.

Students will not be permitted to practice or participate in athletic activities on a school day if they have been absent for more than one-half of the day or have served in-school suspension that day.

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