Communiqué Connection - Fall 2009

Communiqué Connection - Fall 2009

Links to Learn More for Parents and Community Members

Welcome to Communiqué Connection, where you will find links to additional information, useful resources, and more. In the printed version of the Fall 2009 Communiqué, a symbol like this pointed the way to more information on the system web site about instructional technology, online support for students and families, testing resources, tips for parents, photo essays, video clips, honors, and more. Well, you've come to the right place. The links below expand on articles recently featured in the printed edition. While you’re here, please tell us what you think of this issue.

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Technology in Gwinnett County Public Schools
The focus for this issue of Communiqué is how Gwinnett schools and educators reach and teach this generation of “connected” learners and how parents can support their tech-savvy children at home. Click on the following links for expanded coverage and bonus materials.

GCPS’ Road to Broad
  • Experience some of what was “seen and heard” at the announcement of the Broad Prize earlier this fall.
  • View a GCPS TV segment about the Broad Team’s visit to Gwinnett back in May.
  • Click here for a slideshow depicting some of the classroom activities the Broad Team members experienced during their visit as well as scenes from schools visited by the team’s photogragher, featuring students and staff from Berkmar High, Osborne Middle, and Duncan Creek Elementary. The team also visited Radloff Middle.

GCPS Dates and Calendars
  • GCPS has updated the 2009-10 calendar, which now reflects flood days and additional snow days.
  • The revised testing calendar reflects the change in testing dates for the state’s Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT). Click here for a flyer on the CRCT schedule change.

GCPS Bulletin Board
  • Click here for the latest news about proposed school boundaries for six schools opening in 2010-11.
  • Click here for the updated student calendar and here for the updated staff calendar reflecting the additional snow make-up days.
  • Click here for a GCPS TV segment about how the school system makes the decision to close schools for inclement weather and here for a short video on how GCPS responded during the September flooding.
  • Click here to learn more about AYP success in Gwinnett schools!

  • Click here for a web page full of flu resources for parents, including a GCPS flyer on flu precautions and links to related resources from the local health department, state education officials, and federal health agencies. Parents with questions also can call the state’s new H1N1 HOTLINE at 1-888-H1N1-INFO (1-888-4161-4636). The hotline is available from 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week.
  • Click here to check out GCPS TV online with our new webstreaming feature and here for the On-Demand Library of programs. Click here for a GCPS TV segment about this new online option.

Assessments and Curriculum News and Resources
  • Check out online resources to support students taking GCPS’ HS Gateway in Science, including a video, parent resources, sample papers, and a self-guided tutorial.
  • Review the Academic Knowledge and Skills curriculum at your student’s grade-level, including all-AKS booklets for the specialized programs offered through GSMST, Maxwell, and Grayson’s tech ed program.
  • Click on these links to access elementary and middle school parent brochures about the AKS and here for the K-12 AKS by core subject.
GCPS Honors
  • Click here for recent news releases detailing GCPS honors and here for more kudos and upcoming events.
  • The latest edition of Spotlight includes awards, honors, recognitions, and milestones for GCPS staff members.

Deborah Stringfellow of Crews Middle
Gwinnett's 2009-10 Teacher of the Year
  • Click here to watch the TOTY banquet program and a video about the TOTY finalists.

GCPS’ Parent Portal

  • The go2 Parent Portal is the new go-to resource for Gwinnett parents… including links to FAQs, a video, a flyer, and more. The Parent Portal will rollout systemwide in January.

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  • View the GCPS TV schedule and upcoming programs.
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