Communiqué Connection- Spring 2009

Communiqué Connection- Spring 2009

Links to Learn More for Parents and Community Members

Welcome to Communiqué Connection, where you will find links to additional information, useful resources. In the printed version of the Spring 2009 Communiqué, a symbol like this pointed the way to more information on the system web site about the IE2 partnership contract, tips for parents, community partnerships, photo essays, video clips, honors, and more. Well, you've come to the right place. The links below expand on articles recently featured in the Spring 2009 edition of Communiqué. While you’re here, please tell us what you think of this issue of Communiqué.

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About the IE2 Partnership Contract between GCPS and the Georgia Board of Education
The focus for this issue of Communiqué is how the school system is blending accountability and flexibility to benefit Gwinnett students. Click on the links below for expanded coverage and bonus materials that tell the story about IE2 and how student achievement improves when we work together.
  • Click here to review GCPS’ systemwide strategic plan and school accountability plans under the IE2 Partnership Contract. (Local School Plans for Improvement, including flexibility plans, are under development at local schools.) To review a specific school's plan within the document, open the PDF and click on the "Bookmarks" tab on the left side of the page. A list of schools will appear and you may select the specific plan you wish to review.
  • Click here for a Q&A on the partnership contract and here for a general timeline.
  • Click here to watch a message from CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks about the State Board’s approval of the contract. (video file)
  • Click here for an information sheet that explains how IE2 works with other system initiatives to promote higher achievement.
  • Click here for more on the LSPI process and here for some thoughts from staff and parents who have been involved in developing LSPIs.
  • Click here for news on IE2 from the state Department of Education, including the State Board rule on partnership contracts.

About Partnerships and Programs that Support Improved Achievement, Health, and Safety
In the spring issue of Communiqué, we focused on a few of the programs and partnerships that help support improved student achievement and increased health and safety for students and staff. Check out these resources to learn more about some of those programs and community partners who step up to support our schools.

On mentoring and parent involvement…
  • *Click here to learn more about community-based mentoring opportunities in Gwinnett County.
  • Click here to learn more about Be There, a national movement that inspires parents to become more involved in their children's education.

On health and safety issues…
  • *Click here for more on the ImPACT concussion awareness program.
  • Click here and here for CDC resources for parents and athletes about concussions.
  • Click here to visit the Georgia Sports Medicine’s Concussion Center and here for more on ImPACT from Gwinnett Medical Center.
  • Click on the following recommended resources from ImPACT, including a brochure for parents, a sample of a sideline ImPACT test, and more background on concussion management.
  • Click here for more on how an AED works and here, here, and here for resources on CPR/AED training from the America Heart Association, the Red Cross, and the Gwinnett County Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

On nutrition and fitness…

  • Click here for school nutrition in the news.
  • Click here and here for nutrition tips for elementary students and their families.
  • Click here and here for nutrition tips for middle and high school students and their families.
  • Click here for more on Health Smart choices that make meals healthier in Gwinnett and here to visit GCPS’ Nutri-Café, a great tool to teach children how to make healthy choices in the cafeteria.
  • Click here for some NEAT tips on nutrition from GCPS’ nutrition education program, overseen by a registered dietitian.
  • Click on the following links for some health-related parent tip sheets on healthy habits, fitness, and avoiding colds and flu.

About Adapted Sports in Gwinnett
  • *Click here for more on the adapted sports program in Gwinnett.
  • Click here for photos from the state Junior Varsity tournament. (Click on the gallery for “2009 Basketball Championship 1.” The Heat is wearing red.)
  • *Click here to watch a story on GCPS’ adapted sports program on GCPS TV.
  • Click here to learn more about the governing body for adapted sports.

About Economic Education
  • *Click here for a story on economic education in Gwinnett, including a classroom visit for a financial literacy lesson.
  • *Click here for a round-up of classroom activities in economic education.
    • Click here to check out economic education in Gwinnett’s Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum. You’ll find what you’re looking for— from personal finance to information-processing skills— in the Social Studies curriculum at every K-8 grade level and in Economics classes at the high school level.
    • Click here to visit the web site for the Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE) and here for more on the Stock Market Game (SMG), a GCEE-sponsored program. Many Gwinnett schools participate in the game and a number of GCPS teams have won the SMG at the state level. Click here to read about this year's SMG results.
    • Click here for financial literacy resources from GCEE and here to check out an interactive demo of “Financial Fitness for Life” activities used in our schools.
  • Click here for parent tips on promoting financial literacy at home.
  • For some additional economic education links suggested by GCEE, check out Consumer Ed, personal finance resources from the Federal Reserve, and parent tips from The Mint.

About Stewardship and Excellence in Safety: GCPS’ Facilities and Operations Division

On transportation…
  • Click here for some background on the GCPS Transportation department.
  • Click here and here to read about GCPS’ top bus drivers and monitors recently honored at the Bus Manager and Monitor of the Year banquet.
  • Click here for a brochure for parents on bus safety.

On maintenance…
  • Click here to learn more about fleet and grounds maintenance and here for more on building maintenance.
  • Click here to learn about environmental and supply services in GCPS.

GCPS Dates and Calendars
  • Looking for spring dates? Click here for a 2008-09 calendar, including spring testing dates; here for more on the May 7 registration for next year’s kindergartners; and here for the 2009 graduation schedule. Click here for details on summer school.
  • If you’re planning ahead for next school year, click here for the GCPS calendar for 2009-10.
  • *Click here to review a copy of the Superintendent’s recommended Budget for FY2010.
GCPS Bulletin Board, Testing, and Honors
  • Click here for recent news releases detailing GCPS honors and here for more kudos and upcoming events.
    • Click here for the latest Spotlight, with awards, honors, recognitions, and milestones for GCPS staff members.
    • Click here to learn how you can join the GCPS team, among the best places to work in metro Atlanta.
  • Click here to read a news release about the new high school mascots.
  • Learn more on the new high schools’ web pages when you click here and here.
  • Also online, you can click here to find attendance maps for these clusters and for the other elementary and middle schools opening for the 2009–10 school year.
  • Click here to learn the names of the new schools opening in 2010 and 2011.
  • Click here for an invitation to the Area Board Meetings in April.
  • Click here for more on local and state promotion requirements. Click here for a copy of the testing calendar for 2008-09 calendar.

While you’re here, check out these other resources…
  • Click here for the GCPS TV schedule and upcoming programs.
  • Click here to read recent and archived issues of eNews or sign up to receive the next issue by e-mail.
  • Click here for resources and information for the Fall 2008 Communiqué Connection.
  • Click here for resources and information for the Spring 2008 Communiqué Connection.