FAQs About the Quality-Plus Leader Academy

FAQs About the Quality-Plus Leader Academy

Explain the name “Gwinnett County Public Schools Quality-Plus Leader Academy.”
  • Inspired by the vision of CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks and endorsed by the Gwinnett County Board of Education, the Quality-Plus Academy Aspiring Principal Program was established to prepare future principals for Gwinnett County, readying them to lead 21st century schools focused on pursuing improvement and raising achievement. The concept of the Academy has expanded to include all elements of a comprehensive talent management plan. This includes all programs, processes, and strategies related to the development, training, and evaluation of current and future school leaders.

How many sessions comprise the Aspiring Principal Program?
  • There are 12 class sessions for the Academy’s Aspiring Principal Program. Once each month academy members receive nine hours of instruction led by the head of each division. Generally, class sessions are held on Saturdays.

What is the size of the Aspiring Principal Program cohort?
  • Currently, there are 32 members in the Quality-Plus Leader Academy Aspiring Principal Program consisting of 24 assistant principals and eight appointed principals.

Describe the ideal candidate.
  • The ideal candidate for the Quality-Plus Leader Academy Aspiring Principal Program is a data-driven instructional leader with a passion for continuous quality improvement. He/she is committed to the vision, mission and goals of GCPS, and has unwavering integrity, and superb character. He/she is also one who exhibits the three E’s: has Energy, Energizes others, and Executes by consistently turning vision into desired results.

Some people apply to the Aspiring Principal Program more than once. Do the criteria change?
  • Class membership is based on supply and demand. It is anticipated that a candidate may need to apply more than once. The criteria for selection has not changed.

All candidates for the Aspiring Principal Program are current assistant principals with leadership certificates. How does this program differ from that provided at colleges and universities?
  • The Quality-Plus Leader Academy Aspiring Principal Program differs from colleges and universities primarily because the academy is designed to meet the specific needs of local schools within GCPS. All sessions are led by GCPS division heads. Three 20-day residency experiences are included for all academy members.

Who designed the curriculum for the Aspiring Principal Program?
  • The Quality-Plus Leader Academy Aspiring Principal Program’s curriculum was designed by the CEO/Superintendent and Cabinet.

Describe some of the activities in which class members participate.
  • Academy members participate in a full-day diagnostic skills assessment process entitled “Selecting and Developing the 21st Century Principal,” developed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). The assessment center activities include: simulated in-basket items, parent and teacher conferences, oral/written competency, self-reflection of strengths and weaknesses. Members are also engaged in a series of performance-based team activities. These include the analysis of case studies and development of a local school plan of improvement.