Adapted Sports Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Adapted Sports Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Which students are eligible to participate in the Adapted Sports Program?

The Adapted Sports Program is open to male and female students in grades 1 through 12. Athletes have a physical impairment that excludes them from competing on a typical sports team. There is a cognitive requirement that the athlete can understand enough of the game to actively participate on the team.

Do male and female students participate on separate teams?

All teams are co-ed.

What are some examples of disability groups served by the program?

Examples of the types of disability groups served include cerebral palsy, spina bifida, spinal cord injury, amputee, muscular dystrophy, torn ACL, and balance issues due to hearing impairment.

Is participation limited to students who use wheelchairs?

Athletes do not need to use a wheelchair in every day life. The
wheelchair is just a tool used that allows them to play a competitive sport. Manual and power chairs are allowed.

What sports are offered?

As a member program of the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, the Gwinnett HEAT participate in the following sports seasons:

Fall: Wheelchair Handball

Winter: Wheelchair Basketball

Spring: Wheelchair Football

Where do practice sessions and games take place?

All practice sessions and Gwinnett HEAT games take place at the Monarch School. Transportation is not provided.

How do students sign up for the program?

Interested students, parents, and family members should contact Mike Phillips, Area Coordinator for the Adapted Sports Program at 678-301-6885 or