Public Image Priority

The school system will be a source of community pride and a major factor in the economic vitality of the county. The public will regard Gwinnett County Public Schools as the school system of choice, worthy of support and confidence. The district will attract new residents and employers, as well as new employees, with its reputation as a system of world-class schools. The school system will earn the trust of taxpayers through effective management of its financial, physical, and human resources. Our schools belong to the public. Therefore, the entire community has a stake in our success and will be supportive of our schools and the district. Good schools build good communities, and good communities sustain good schools. Gwinnett schools will benefit from a wide variety of business and community-based partnerships. In turn, our employees and students will contribute to the county’s quality of life through their involvement in the community.

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Strategic Priority for Public Image
and Community Pride
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Public Image and Community Pride Priority Video
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