Resources for High School Gateway - Social Studies

Resources for High School Gateway - Social Studies


Given for the first time in 10th grade, the High School Gateway in Social Studies assesses students’ language arts and social studies knowledge and skills. Students write an essay on a social studies topic. In writing his response, a student must use his own knowledge about the topic and pull information from the documents that are provided. A parallel writing assessment is administered in science as well.

The High School Gateway was developed in response to requests from community and business leaders, along with college and university faculty, for increased proficiency in written communication. In order to be successful beyond high school, graduates must be able to communicate information and knowledge in a clear and concise written format. It reflects the commitment of Gwinnett County Public Schools to provide all students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in post-secondary institutions and the workplace. Below are some resources for parents and students who wish to learn more about the High School Gateway in Social Studies.

Parent Information

Instructional Strategies

Social Studies Scoring Domains

Student Friendly Rubrics
Social Studies Rubrics: Regular and Landscape

Gateway Social Studies Performance Level Samples

Social Studies Sample Papers and Annotations

Sample Social Studies Form 416 Renaissance