What Can You Expect as a Mentor?

What Can You Expect as a Mentor?

GCPS provides a six-hour training course for community-based mentors, and mentor applicants undergo a criminal background check before being matched with a student.

The training curriculum focuses on five elements. Mentors learn best practices to help their student:
  • build self-esteem;
  • learn to communicate with adults;
  • deal with peer pressure;
  • develop respect for self and others (character education); and
  • become a young man of distinction (goal-setting).

The mentor will spend a minimum of one hour per week, outside the regular school day, involved in some activity with the student or in contact (by phone or e-mail). Examples of activities include attending a sporting event, meeting the student and his family for lunch, or going to a museum.

Typcially, a mentor-mentee match lasts at least one semester, but can last longer, as needed.

Ready to learn more about becoming a community-based mentor? Contact James Rayford via email or
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