High School Quick Links

High School Quick Links

General Reference
Spanish Encyclopedia
Social Studies


Biography Resource Center
Illustrated biographies searchable by name, profession, title, place or origin, gender, race/ethnicity, title of work, date of birth, date of death.


Career Cruising
An interactive career resource to find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training.

GAcollege 411
Database designed to help Georgia high school students and others who are interested in attending college explore careers, prepare for college and learn about financial aid opportunities.

Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition
Reference tool provides access to atlas, timelines, learning materials, magazines, web sites, animations, and other learning material.

New Book of Knowledge
General encyclopedia in English and Spanish with timelines, articles and images.

World Book Advanced
Resources include encyclopedic content, ebooks, images and sounds, research tools, and many primary source documents. [primary sources]

World Book Student
Collection of research tools that include a timeline builder, resource guides on curriculum topics, biographical informatin on important people, and articles continually updated by WB editors [primary sources]
General Reference

Academic Search Complete
Multi-disciplinary databasecontaining full-text periodicals, including peer-reviewed journals. monographs, reports, and conference proceedings.

Advanced Placement Source
Extensive database designed to meet the needs of high school students enrolled in various AP courses; contains more than 5,550 full-text academic journals and magazines and over 502,000 photos, maps, and flags.

Electronic Reference Books
Reference books in electronic format on a wide variety of subjects.

Database provides information on many subjects from a variety of full-text sources; primary sources, radio transcripts, pictures, maps, and audio/video content are included.

Junior Reference Collection
Electronic database provides access to popular topics through reference sources, primary sources, and multimedia content; includes audio clips, video clips, and photographs.

Databases on a variety of subjects provided by the state of Georgia.

Mas Ultra School Edition
Designed specifically for high school libraries, this database contains full text for popular high school magazines. full text reference books, biographies, primary source documents, and a School Image Collection of photos, maps & flags, color PDFs. [primary sources]

SIRS Researcher
General reference database contains thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, political, and global issues.

Student Resources in Context
Periodicals, reference books, multimedia, and primary sources providing information on people, places, authors, books, and timelines. [primary sources]

Web Path Express
A web search engine for reviewed sites. Results can be chosen by grade level.
Language Arts

Electronic Reference Books
Language arts reference books in electronic form.

Lit Finder
Extensive full-text collection of poetry, short stories, essays, speeches, and plays.

Literary Reference Center
Full-text database that includes plot summaries, synopses, and work overviews; articles of literary criticism; author biographies; full text literary journals and classic novels; classic and contemporary poems and short stories; and author interviews and biographies; book reviews

Literature Resource Center
Comprehensive online literature source includes biographical information on authors; full text articles, essays, and reviews from journals and magazines; overviews of frequently studied works; full text poems, short stories, and plays.

Online readers' advisory tool that helps readers find new books based on books they've read or on topics in which they are interested.
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Consumer Health Complete
A comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content, including full text from many health reference books and encyclopedias and thousands of health reports, as well as physician-generated videos and hundreds of medical images and diagrams.

Electronic Reference Books
Science reference books in electronic format

Merck Manual
Standard medical handbooks of medical information.

Science in Context
Science topics, biographies, experiments, and scientific developments in science periodicals and reference titles. Includes pictures, illustrations, audio clips and video clips.

Student Resources in Context
Periodicals, reference books, multimedia, and primary sources provide information on people, places, authors, and books; includes timelines. [primary sources]
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Social Studies

American Memory Collection
Collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. Topics include: Today in History, the Learning Page, African American, Civil War, Conservation Movement, Continental Congress, Architectural History, Woman Suffrage, the papers of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln plus others. An ongoing project. [primary sources]

Annals of American History
History of the United States through speeches, historical accounts, memoirs, and multimedia.

Business Source Complete
Scholarly business database that provides full-text access to many peer-reviewed business related journals, including disciplines such as marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, and economics.

Up-to-date reports on counties include facts, culture, daily life, customs, famous people, and recipes. Reports on states include their history, symbols, economy, and geography.

Electronic Reference Books
Social studies reference materials in electronic format.

Digital Library of Georgia
Gateway to Georgia's history and culture found in digitized books, manuscripts, photographs, and other materials. [primary sources]

History Reference Center
Database featuring reference books, encyclopedias, non-fiction books, and history periodicals, as well as thousands of historical documents, biographies of historical figures, photos, maps, and historical video.

New Georgia Encyclopedia
Comprehensive information about the state of Georgia.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Online library of current event topics includes facts, as well as the arguments of each topic's proponents and detractors, statistics, government data, information on legislation and more.

Sirs Researcher
General reference database contains thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, political, and global issues.

World History in Context
Comprehensive collection of full-text periodicals, reference works, and primary source documents covering world history topics from pre-antiquity up to the present. [primary sources]

Spanish Encyclopedias

Enciclopedia Juvenil
Electronic student edition provides access to encyclopedia, dictionary, Annals of American History, and World Data Analyst in the Spanish language.

Comprehensive Spanish language encyclopedia featuring articles plus timelines, an atlas, and a dictionary.