Mission and Purpose

Mission and Purpose

“The media specialist is considered an instructional leader, teacher leader within our building.
Staff members go to her for curricular and instructional support. When she is in the library she will
often team teach with teachers’ lessons. She provides more than just stereotypical assistance and support.”

~ from a Principal

Mission and Purpose of GCPS Library Media Center Programs

The mission of Media Services and Technology Training is to provide quality media, technology, and information services in order to enhance learning and ensure access to ideas and information for all.

The three purposes of the Gwinnett County media program are to:
  • provide media resources, facilities, services, and staff to support all areas of the instructional program
  • provide a variety of services for students which develop skills and encourage the pursuit of life-long learning
  • develop procedures which allow optimum accessibility and effective utilization of all resources and the flexibility necessary to individualize instruction for students