GCPS Research Process

GCPS Research Process

Below are the steps for the GCPS research process:

I. Planning
    A. Select a topic
      1. discuss ideas about a specific topic, problem or phenomenon
      2. brainstorm possible questions
    B. Focus/narrow the topic
      1. gather background information
      2. cluster ideas by using key words
      3. select/formulate research questions
      4. make predictions about answers to research questions
    C. Select/locate resources
      1. brainstorm and identify specific sources for finding answers to questions
      2. gather and select appropriate resources to answer questions

II. Drafting
    A. Record information
      1. take notes from various resources or observations pertinent to research questions
      2. cite resources
      3. synthesize and paraphrase information
    B. Organize information
      1. reevaluate information
      2. identify format for presentation of findings
      3. group and sequence in a logical manner
      4. draw conclusions, make generalizations, summarize information
    C. Create first product (written draft or other medium)

III. Revising
    A. Check draft product
      1. review and rethink product for clarity and purpose
      2. share and request feedback from different audiences for clarity and accuracy of information
    B. Revise product by using feedback from audiences

IV. Editing
    A. Prepare for presentation
      1. edit product for appropriate conventions
      2. cite and document sources as appropriate
    B. Prepare final product

V. Publishing/Presenting
    A. Share product with various audiences
    B. Discuss/evaluate, reflect research process and product