About GIVE

Bell Schedule

6:40 Morning Bus Arrival
6:40-7:05 Search & Morning Restroom
7:05 Doors are Locked
7:05-7:30 GIVE Time/Advisement
7:30-9:10 First/Second Period
9:10-9:15 Restroom/Class Change
9:15-10:55 Third/Fourth Period
10:55-11:00 Restroom/Class Change
*11:00-1:00 Fifth/Sixth Period
1:00-1:10 Dismissal


Student Dress Code
      1. No earrings/tongue rings/nose rings
      2. No uncovered tattoos
      3. No emblems on shirts
      4. Solid black or white jackets only
      5. Black/white socks only
      6. Side pockets on pants must be sewed shut
      7. Solid black shoes or sneakers only
      8. School will no longer provide tape/markers/socks or other materials to cover emblems on shorts, jackets, or shoes to comply with dress code
      9. Hats must be black
      10. Black/white binders only (No Pictures)
      11. No Mohawks/hair with lines or parts. Only one natural hair color/no bright extreme colors/no color on fingernails/ Only clear lip gloss
      12. No shorts/pants under GIVE pants
      13. No extra clothing for after school
      14. Only GIVE issued rubber band
      15. No jewelry except watches
      16. Belts (black only)
      17. Black only hair bows
      18. Cut or remove cuffs from pants
      19. Only solid white tee-shirts can be worn under GIVE shirts
      20. No pictures in binders/notebooks
      21. All students’ pants and shirts must be buttoned
      22. No slits cut into eyebrows/ eyebrows must be colored in
      23. Tee-shirts, shorts, & jewelry will be released to parents the following Tuesday
      24. No colored logos on shirts or jackets
      25. No rubber bands/hair brushes
      26. Students can only use pencils. No mechanical pencils
      27. Teachers cannot hold onto student’s binders until the next day
      28. Student need their binders to enter search each day
      29. No outside food or drinks. Only sealed bottled water is permitted
      GIVE Dress code with pictures.pdfGIVE Dress code with pictures.pdf

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Last modified on 12/18/2013.