Mission Statement

Mission Statement

A covenant is a document which states the guiding principles of teaching and learning based upon a school's beliefs. Norton's covenant was developed through a collaborative effort involving our students, parents, and faculty and staff.

Norton Elementary is committed to providing a democratic learning environment where each student, parent, and faculty and staff member actively shares in the responsibility of educating our children by focusing on improving teaching and learning for all.

As participants in Norton's partnership for teaching and learning, we, the students, parents, and faculty and staff believe:

A Successful Student Shall:
  • listen and follow directions
  • demonstrate good work habits and come to school ready to learn
  • cooperate with and display a good attitude toward others

An Effective Teacher Shall:
  • listen to his or her students
  • value students as individuals
  • provide an active learning environment

As Effective Contributors, Parents Shall:
  • support teachers and students
  • ensure that their child comes to school prepared to learn
  • be actively involved in their child's education

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