Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

The following are the after school clubs, teams and extracurricular activities offered at Norton Elementary:

Norton Dazzlers - Dance Team
Faculty Advisor - Pam Williams
Mission/purpose: We are very excited to announce that we will begin our 3rd year of the Norton Dazzlers. Our Dance Team will focus on Jazz and Hip Hop dances with some ballet warm up. This will be one of the after school activities available to your 3rd, 4th or 5th grader on Thursdays. We will perform several times throughout the year at school and possibly for the community.

Norton 4th & 5th grade Chorus
Faculty Advisor - Kelly Mraz, Joneen Padgett

Norton Cheerleaders
Faculty Advisor - Derra Smith, Mae Brown
Mission/purpose: Cheerleading is an extra-curricular activity for young ladies in grades 2-5. Students must maintain a B+ average in all subject areas. Cheerleaders are role models and leaders at all times and must carry themselves as such. They are taught a variety of skills, such as hard work, dedication and determination.

Norton Chess Club
Faculty Advisor - Cecil Hanks
Mission/purpose: To teach students the basic fundamentals of chess. Students apply for the Chess Club at the beginning of the school year.

Norton Math Club
Faculty Advisor - John Fulgham, Carrie Newman
Mission/purpose: Fifth graders who excel in math are asked to be members of the Norton's Math Club. The Math Club's mission is to further develop and extend the math skills learned in class. We will meet each Tuesday morning from 7:45 - 8:20. Students participate in county, state, and national math contests throughout the year.

Drum Lessons
Faculty Advisor - John LaMattina
Mission/purpose: Drum Lessons are available to 4th and 5th Grade Students. The lessons are given by Mr. LaMattina, a fifth grade teacher, who has been teaching drums privately for over forty years and is a professional musician who plays regularly in the Metro-Atlanta area. The students learn the basics of snare drumming and playing on a drum set. The year is culminated with a drum show performance for both the school and the community. Approximately 80 students participate in the program annually. The program is currently in its 20th year!

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