Belief Statement

R.L. Norton Elementary School Belief Statement

The faculty, staff, parents, and students at R.L. Norton Elementary School believe that the purpose of education is to provide students with an environment that will enable each student to become a productive and responsible member of a democratic society in an ever-changing world.

R.L. Norton Elementary School strives to provide an atmosphere which allows each student to feel successful and to develop to his/her fullest potential through the systematic development of knowledge and skills in the areas of academics, social awareness and personal growth. We believe it is the school's privilege and responsibility to maximize opportunities for developing skills involving listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematics, technology and the sciences as well as an understanding of the humanities which provides the foundation for problem solving, decision making and the use of information. As an elementary school, we will strive to provide a foundation for all future educational opportunities.

We believe students, parents, and staff members are active participants in the learning process. A cooperative partnership between home and school should be fostered through an open line of communication. Parents are encouraged to be an active part of the R.L. Norton Community.

We believe R.L. Norton is a community within itself as well as a part of the larger communities of city, state, nation and world. We will strive to foster within each student a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation and self-worth to grow as contributing members of a community today and in the future. We recognize that each member is unique and valuable to the community as a whole.

At R.L. Norton excellence is expected, nurtured, and rewarded. Our school is staffed with professional educators who are dedicated to their own continual growth and development and to excellence in education. Students are encouraged to develop a desire for excellence and a positive attitude towards learning in all areas of life.

Excellence and growth are best nurtured in an atmosphere in which acceptance, warmth and friendliness radiate. Together we are striving to create such an atmosphere.

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    Last modified on 12/18/2001.