Small Groups

Small Groups

Small Groups

As part of our school’s developmental guidance program, students have the opportunity to participate in small groups on each grade level. Small group topics are developmentally appropriate and designed to support students. The focus of these groups is to help students learn strategies to deal with personal or academic issues that may interfere with their ability to work up to their potential at school. They are an opportunity for students with similar concerns to interact with others, as well as the counselor, in a fun and confidential environment.

Small Group Topics and Objectives
A. To discuss school rules and the reasons for them.
B. To identify specific appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.
C. To assume responsibility for one’s attitude, behaviors, and reputation.

Family Changes Group:
A. To realistically discuss facts about divorce, death or other family changes.
B. To share, identify, and accept one’s feelings about family changes.
C. To develop positive personal relationships among family and friends.
D. To interact with and support other children who are experiencing family changes.

Self-Concept Group:
A. To recognize and express one’s feelings.
B. To identify one’s strengths and weaknesses.
C. To feel good about one’s self.
D. To communicate positive perceptions about self and others.

Friendship Group:
A. To learn how others perceive you.
B. To practice appropriate ways of relating to others.
C. To explore appropriate ways of dealing with friendship problems.

Study Skills Group:
A. To identify specific areas of school performance which need improvement.
B. To assist children in being accountable for their academic and social behaviors.
C. To provide reinforcement for performance which approximates school expectations.
D. To assist children to develop self-discipline for accomplishing assigned academic or behavioral tasks.

Handling Anger Group:
A. To recognize how one’s body reacts to anger and what makes one angry.
B. To learn how to respond appropriately to and express anger.
C. To learn techniques to calm down when angry.

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