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A Message From The Principal

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members:

I’m very excited about my appointment as the principal of Rosebud Elementary School. I consider it an honor to serve the school and the community in this capacity. We are about to begin a wonderful journey to build a legacy of success at Rosebud as we weave the culture of two schools—Magill Elementary and Norton Elementary. We will work together as a team to build upon the rich history of traditions, community pride, and excellence. Rosebud Elementary School will be a learning community where excellence will become tradition and every student will be the most important one. With a commitment to teaching and learning, the staff, through collaboration and teamwork, will help every child reach his or her potential in a safe, positive, and caring environment.

As I lead Rosebud on this journey, please allow me to share a little about myself. I have served Snellville Middle School as one of its assistant principals for the past four years. I served as the 6th grade assistant principal for three years and as the school improvement assistant principal for 1 year. I am now into my fifth year at Snellville Middle. My experiences have been very rewarding and have provided me with many diverse leadership and learning opportunities. Prior to moving to Georgia almost five years ago, I served as an assistant administrator and as an Accelerated Language Arts teacher at Tupelo Middle School in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Rosebud is projected to open with 1,082 students. The campus looks great! We are thankful to the community and the Board of Education for prioritizing the needs of the South Gwinnett Cluster to provide us such a wonderful place to educate our students. We are on schedule with our building plans. I’m sure everyone is anxious to see the new facility. However, we ask for your support in honoring the construction needs at this time. The building is not open to the public or staff. You will have an opportunity later to view the facility. The website will be one of the best sources of information. Please continue to visit the site for updates.

There are many ways you can be a valuable participant in the learning process. As a volunteer you are afforded the opportunity to work with our students on a personal level. I encourage you to volunteer with PTA and/or as a business partner. We need you! As parents you can make sure your children maintain good school attendance, hold high expectations for your children, and remain informed and involved. What’s most important is that you stay connected to the school and your child’s experiences.

In early May I will be meeting with the students transferring to Rosebud. This meeting will give the students an opportunity to meet me, to hear my expectations, and to ask questions. I’m just as excited as they are for us to meet.

Thank you for entrusting me as a leader in the school and the community. As a veteran South Gwinnett Cluster educator, I will continue to strive to serve our cluster in an excellent way. I look forward to meeting all of you and working together to make everyday a great day for teaching and learning at Rosebud Elementary School.


Tarsha Chambers

Tarsha Chambers, Principal

Last modified on 04/04/2008.