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School Council

All School Council Meetings are open to the public. We invite interested persons to attend.

Councils can have an unlimited number of members; however, as of July 2007 parents must be the majority of the membership. A parent must also serve as Chairperson.

Who Serves on a School Council?
"At a minimum, a School Council is composed of seven members:"
--The Principal
--Two certified teachers elected by the teachers (please list as "Teacher")
--Ten parents (or guardians) elected by the parents (please list as "Parent"); two of the parents must be
businesspersons (please list as "Parent/Business Person")
The school council may, within its bylaws, increase the number of members, as long as the parents remain the majority.

Council Officers
Chair: Lynda Hayes
Co-Chair: Lara Davis
Secretary: Seema Patel

Council Members
NameTitleRelationship to School
Stephanie CortellinoPrincipalPrincipal (Mandatory)2015-2017
Gina HesterTeacherCertified Teacher (Mandatory)2015-2017
Julie StinsonTeacherCertified Teacher (Mandatory)2015-2017
Michelle BryanParent/Business Person Parent/Business Person (Mandatory)2015-2017
Michael KahrenParent/Business PersonParent/Business Person (Mandatory)2015-2017
Kim Hendrix ParentParent (Mandatory)2014-2016
Lynda HayesParentParent (Mandatory)2014-2016
Seema Khatri Patel
Lara Davis
Ben McClain
Parent (Mandatory)
Parent/Business Person

Law now requires a minumum of four meetings. Suggestion: Include Area Board meeting as a meeting.

Meeting Dates
09/17/154:00pm - 5:00pmBlazer Conference Room
10/26/158:00am - 10:00amCollins Hill High School
11/12/154:00pm - 5:00pmBlazer Conference Room
01/21/164:00pm - 5:00pmBlazer Conference Room
03/17/164:00pm - 5:00pmBlazer Conference Room
04/21/164:00pm - 5:00pmBlazer Conference Room

Election Date: May 2016

Plans for training council (if applicable): August 27, 2015

Last modified on: 11/09/2015