Bid DateBid NameContractorBid Amount
06/26/2014GIVE West - KitchenA M Adams Building Corporation$924,000.00
04/10/2014Brookwood Elementary School, Mountain Park Elementary School and Norton Elementary School - Activity Bldg HVAC and LightingAmacher Bros Construction$507,000.00
04/08/2014Brookwood High School - Main Gym and Aux Gym – HVAC and Lighting Conditioned Air Systems, Inc.$751,950.00
03/25/2014North Gwinnett High School - Phase II HVAC Modifications and RenovationsSwofford Construction$3,748,109.00
03/13/2014Lawrenceville Elementary School - Modifications and RenovationsA.M. Adams Building Corp.$1,994,000.00
02/25/2014Annistown Elementary School, Britt Elementary School and Crews Middle School - Kitchen HVAC ModificationsPresley, Inc.$366,000.00
02/25/2014Harbins Elementary School, Simonton Elementary School and McKendree Elementary School - Kitchen HVAC ModificationsPresley, Inc.$236,000.00
02/20/2014Dacula Elementary School, Dacula Middle School and Dacula High School - HVAC ModificationsJohn F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$1,452,854.00
02/18/2014Fort Daniel Elementary School, Freeman's Mill Elementary School and Jones Middle School - Gym/Kitchen/Activity Building HVACConditioned Air Systems$610,348.00
02/18/2014Pharr Elementary School and Winn Holt Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsDiversified Construction of Georgia, Inc.$295,858.00
02/11/2014Meadowcreek Cluster Elementary School - LAN CablingECI$426,510.00
02/11/2014Meadowcreek Cluster Elementary School - New FacilityCarroll Daniel Construction Company$19,335,000.00
02/06/2014Peachtree Elementary School, Radloff Middle School, & Minor Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsJohn F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$644,620.00
02/04/2014Summerour Middle School - LAN CablingLMI Systems, Inc.$598,496.00
01/30/2014Collins Hill High School, Jackson Elementary School, Taylor Elementary School and Walnut Grove Elementary School - Gym/Activity Building HVAC Waters Mechanical$1,205,850.00
01/14/2014Hull Middle School & Riverside Elementary School - HVAC RenovationsJohn F. Pennebaker Co.$625,500.00
01/08/2014Water Source Heat Pumps - Request for ProposalsClimate Master
10/10/2013Central Gwinnett High School - New Field HouseAmacher Brothers Construction Company$1,783,000.00
10/08/2013Brookwood High School - New Field HouseA.M. Adams Building Corporation$2,494,000.00
09/24/2013Berkmar Central Relief Cluster Elementary School - New FacilityBowen & Watson$15,740,000.00
08/27/2013Central Cluster Middle School - New FacilityBarton Malow Company$15,706,000.00
07/30/2013Summerour Middle School - Relocation - New Facility Carroll Daniel Construction Company
07/23/2013Instructional Support Center (ISC) - Re-RoofingRoof Management, Inc.$622,606.00
06/20/2013Berkeley Lake Elementary School,
Chattahoochee Elementary School,
Harris Elementary School &
Suwanee Elementary Shool - Gym HVAC
Conditioned Air Systems, Inc.$269,980.00
06/18/2013Cedar Hill Elementary School,
Gwin Oaks Elementary School &
Kanoheda Elementary School - Gym HVAC
Conditioned Air Systems, Inc.$159,980.00
06/18/2013Centerville Elementary School &
Head Elementary School - Gym HVAC
John F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$151,700.00
05/30/2013Harmony Elementary School &
Grayson Elementary School - Gym HVAC
Waters Mechanical, Inc.$517,000.00
05/28/2013Instructional Support Center (ISC) - HVAC ModificationsWaters Mechanical, Inc.$654,000.00
03/28/2013Alcova Elementary School - Addition and AlterationsBon Building Services, Inc.$4,938,549.00
03/28/2013Alcova Elementary School - LAN CablingBusker Communications, Inc.$139,957.60
03/15/2013Old Dyer/Online Campus - HVAC RenovationBardi Heating & A/C, Inc.$458,315.00
03/12/2013Berkmar Central Cluster High School - LAN CablingLMI Systems, Inc.$1,097,082.00
03/12/2013Berkmar/Central Cluster High School - New FacilityCarroll Daniel Construction Company$63,499,000.00
02/19/2013North Gwinnett High School - Roofing/HVAC Modifications & RenovationsBowen & Watson, Inc.$1,745,000.00
02/14/2013Beaver Ridge Elementary School - Roof ReplacementDusty Greer Roofing$169,000.00
02/12/2013Dacula High School - Gym RoofingRoof Management, Inc.$231,985.00
02/12/2013Lilburn Elementary School - HVAC RenovationAmacher Bros. Construction Co.$1,664,000.00
02/05/2013Duluth High School - RoofingWatertight Roofing Services$173,344.00
01/31/2013Harmony Elementary School and Suwanee Elementary School - Kitchen HVACJohn F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$119,331.00
01/29/2013Cedar Hill Elementary School and Gwin Oaks Elementary School - Kitchen HVACBon Building Services, Inc.$187,000.00
01/29/2013Centerville Elementary School and Head Elementary School - Kitchen HVACJohn F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$213,497.00
01/22/2013Peachtree Ridge High School - HVAC ModificationsPresley, Inc.$520,000.00
01/17/2013McConnell Middle School & Grayson Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsWaters Mechanical$482,000.00
01/17/2013Pinckneyville Middle School, Berkeley Lake Elementary School and Harris Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsABCO Builders, Inc.$773,000.00
01/15/2013Brookwood Elementary School - HVAC RenovationPresley, Inc.$1,050,000.00
01/15/2013Lilburn Middle School - HVAC RenovationMultiplex, LLC.$859,400.00
01/10/2013Bethesda Elementary School & Kanoheda Elementary School - HVAC Renovation & RoofingAmacher Brothers Construction Company$618,180.00
01/10/2013Creekland Middle School & Freeman's Mill Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$1,315,651.67
11/20/2012Peachtree Ridge Cluster Middle School - LAN CablingLMI Systems, Inc.$454,520.00
11/20/2012Peachtree Ridge Cluster Middle School - New FacilityBarton-Malow Company$16,955,545.00
07/12/2012Moore Middle School - Gym HVAC ModificationsJohn F. Pennebaker Co.$287,439.00
06/04/2012Lilburn Middle School - Intercom System UpgradeLMI Systems$245,617.00
04/26/2012North Gwinnett High School - Addition & Renovation (LAN Cabling)LMI Systems$429,427.00
04/26/2012North Gwinnett High School - Addition/RenovationBowen & Watson, Inc.$10,780,000.00
04/19/2012Rockbridge Elementary School - AdditionRogers Construction Company$17,698,689.00
04/19/2012Rockbridge Elementary School - Lan CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$348,900.00
04/12/2012(15) Various Sites - Full depth Asphalt Rehabilitation Stewart Brothers, Inc.$1,363,287.90
04/12/2012(3) Various Schools - Asphalt PavingAtlanta Paving & Concrete Const.$164,364.70
04/03/2012Five Forks Middle School & Lawrenceville Elementary School - Building Renovations & HVAC ModificationsConstruction Works, Inc.$1,056,000.00
03/29/2012South Gwinnett High School - Building Renovations & HVAC ModificationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$2,242,000.00
03/20/2012Sugar Hill Elementary School - Building Renovations & HVAC ModificationsCarroll Daniel Construction Co.$1,441,316.00
03/15/2012Shiloh Middle School & Snellville Middle School - Building Renovations & HVAC ModificationsHamby Construction Co., Inc.$893,789.00
03/13/2012Meadowcreek High School - Gym HVAC ModificationsPresley, Inc.$1,109,000.00
03/08/2012GROUP 1 - Alcova Elementary School, Duncan Creek Elementary School, Ivy Creek Elementary School & Sycamore Elementary School - PE/Activity Bldg. HVACJohn F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$934,184.00
03/08/2012GROUP 2 - Alford Elementary School, Chesney Elementary School, Cooper Elementary School, Corley Elementary School & Parsons Elementary School - PE/Activity Bldg. HVACAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$1,120,750.00
03/06/2012Sweetwater Middle School - Building Renovations & HVAC ModificationsPresley, Inc.$749,000.00
02/28/2012Central Gwinnett High School - Gym HVAC Modifications & RenovationBowen & Watson, Inc.$1,500,200.00
02/28/2012Parkview High School - Gym HVAC ModificationWaters Mechanical, Inc.$919,000.00
02/23/2012Berkmar High School - Gym HVAC ModificationsJohn F. Pennebaker Co., Inc.$464,400.00
02/09/2012Shiloh Middle School - RoofingDusty Greer Roofing$233,000.00
05/05/2011Louise Radloff Middle School - Fire Alarm System UpgradeElectrical Contractor, Inc. (Southern Signal)$144,723.00
05/04/2011Lanier High School - Roof ReplacementDusty Greer Roofing, Inc.$464,000.00
04/29/2011(7) Various Schools - Asphalt PavingAtlanta Paving & Concrete Construction$285,711.30
03/10/2011Cedar Hill Elementary School - RoofDusty Greer Roofing$430,000.00
03/10/2011Duluth High School - RoofAll-Tex Roofing$483,106.00
03/10/2011Lawrenceville Elementary School - RoofAll-Tex Roofing$465,360.00
02/22/2011Simonton Elementary School - Lighting & Ceiling Renovations & RoofPatmac Contracting$997,000.00
02/17/2011Shiloh High School - FieldhouseKnoll Construction, LLC.$1,800,000.00
02/15/2011Berkeley Lake Elementary School - HVACLawson Air Conditioning$782,193.00
02/15/2011Lilburn Middle School - HVACWaters Mechanical$429,500.00
02/15/2011Sweetwater Middle School - HVACLawson Air Conditioning$871,347.00
02/10/2011Cedar Hill Elementary School - HVACLawson Air Conditioning$189,943.00
02/10/2011Dacula Elementary School - HVACConditioned Air Systems$469,997.00
02/10/2011Dacula High School - HVACLawson Air Conditioning and Plumbing$273,411.00
12/08/2010Maxwell High School - Phase 3D - Main Building RenovationA M Adams Building Corporation$2,304,000.00
04/28/2010Five School Sites - Asphalt Paving ReclamationAtlanta Paving & Concrete Construction, Inc.$260,482.84
03/31/2010Louise Radloff Middle School - HVAC & Roof Modifications - DemolitionMorley Environmental$198,960.00
03/31/2010Louise Radloff Middle School - HVAC & Roof Modifications - Drywall & AcousticalCatterton Interiors$180,590.00
03/18/2010Brookwood Elementary School - Lighting & Ceiling RenovationsSouthCore Construction, Inc.$252,405.00
03/18/2010Brookwood High School - Lighting & Ceiling RenovationsSouthCore Construction, Inc.$408,405.00
03/18/2010Grayson Elementary School - Lighting & Ceiling RenovationsSouthCore Construction, Inc.$212,405.00
03/18/2010Meadowcreek High School - Lighting & Ceiling RenovationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$381,999.00
03/16/2010Harris Elementary School - Re-roofingAll-Tex Roofing, Inc.$207,000.00
03/16/2010Meadowcreek High School - Re-roofingAll-Tex Roofing, Inc.$975,774.00
03/11/2010Maxwell High School - LAN CablingMetro Power$149,167.00
03/02/2010Louise Radloff Middle School - HVAC - Request for ProposalsShumate Mechanical$1,420,000.00
03/02/2010Louise Radloff Middle School - Re-roofing - Request for ProposalsRoof Management, Inc.$1,214,048.00
02/23/2010Maxwell High School - Renovations Phase 3B & 3C - Request for ProposalsA M Adams Building Corp.$1,524,000.00
02/11/2010Berkmar High School - HVAC ModificationsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$227,000.00
02/11/2010Chattahoochee Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsShumate Mechanical$701,995.00
02/11/2010Peachtree Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsLawson Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc.$481,697.00
02/11/2010Sugar Hill Elementary School - LAN CablingBusker Communications, Inc.$98,941.03
02/09/2010Annistown Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$635,280.00
02/09/2010Shiloh High School - HVAC ModificationsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$743,875.00
01/21/2010Sugar Hill Elementary School - Addition & ModificationsPCI$2,112,000.00
11/24/2009South Gwinnett High School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$184,194.00
11/12/2009South Gwinnett High School - AdditionMEJA Construction, Inc.$7,186,950.00
09/17/2009Moore Middle School - LAN CablingSouthern Signal/ECI$393,200.00
09/17/2009Moore Middle School - New BuildingDoster Construction Company$16,300,000.00
09/15/2009Hamilton Mill District Maintenance Facility - Phase 2 Package 2 - New BuildingA.M. Adams Building Corporation$269,000.00
08/25/2009Norcross Elementary School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$222,286.00
08/11/2009Norcross Elementary School - Addition & ModificationsHogan Construction Group, LLC$8,646,987.00
06/18/2009Mountain View High School - Bus Parking FacilityAllied Paving$1,111,998.34
03/17/2009Archer High School, Lanier High School & Mountain View High School - Stadium Visitor BleachersDant Clayton Corporation$772,000.00
03/17/2009Gwin Oaks Elementary School - Classroom Wall RenovationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$65,400.00
03/12/2009Harmony Elementary School - Lighting & Ceiling RenovationsQueen Capital Group, LLC$71,777.00
03/10/2009Norcross Elementary School & Rockbridge Elementary School - Re-roofingDusty Greer Roofing, Inc.$283,708.00
02/17/2009Shiloh Middle School - AdditionKnoll Construction, LLC$2,495,475.00
01/15/2009Peachtree Ridge Cluster Elementary School #1 - LAN CablingGC&E Systems Group$194,144.00
01/15/2009Peachtree Ridge Cluster Elementary School #1 - New BuildingDoster Construction Company$8,960,000.00
12/16/2008Minor Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsStiles Heating & Cooling, Inc.$985,000.00
12/09/2008Central Cluster Elementary School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$237,809.00
12/09/2008Central Cluster Elementary School - New BuildingGarrard Construction Co.$10,490,000.00
12/09/2008Shiloh Cluster Elementary School - LAN CablingBusker Communications$237,732.00
12/02/2008Shiloh Cluster Elementary School - New BuildingCarroll Daniel Construction Company$11,057,396.00
11/18/2008Central Gwinnett High School - Stadium ModificationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$784,000.00
11/18/2008Louise Radloff Middle School - LAN CablingBusker Communications$114,968.00
11/18/2008North Cluster Elementary School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$261,239.00
11/18/2008North Cluster Elementary School - New Building & Site WorkPiedmont Construction Group, LLC$14,782,375.00
11/18/2008Shiloh Middle School - LAN CablingBusker Communications$74,912.00
11/13/2008Louise Radloff Middle School - AdditionsMooney Construction, Inc.$7,247,250.00
11/11/2008Water Source Heat Pumps - Request for ProposalsClimateMaster, Inc.$1,318,896.33
09/16/2008Meadowcreek High School - Baseball Press Box/Concession StandHobgood Construction Group, LLC$359,900.00
09/11/2008North Gwinnett High School - Concession/ToiletsA.M. Adams Building Corporation$589,000.00
09/09/2008Chesney Elementary School - AdditionCarroll Daniel Construction Company$3,967,123.00
09/09/2008Chesney Elementary School - LAN CablingSouthern Signal / ECI$134,399.00
08/21/2008Berkmar High School - Stadium Visitor BleachersSouthern Bleacher Company$397,920.00
08/19/2008Shiloh High School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$168,634.00
08/07/2008Dacula High School - Field HouseHamby Construction Company$702,045.00
08/05/2008Shiloh High School - Addition/Tennis CourtsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$5,883,000.00
07/31/2008Peachtree Ridge Cluster - WarehouseA.M. Adams Building Corporation$2,279,000.00
07/17/2008Brookwood High School & Parkview High School - Stadium Visitor ToiletsHobgood Construction Group$613,400.00
07/17/2008South Cluster Middle School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$400,731.00
07/15/2008South Cluster Middle School - New Building & Site WorkRogers Construction company$18,263,600.00
07/10/2008Berkmar High School - Field HouseAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$1,846,652.00
06/24/2008Berkmar/Meadowcreek Area ES - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$252,135.00
06/24/2008Berkmar/Meadowcreek Area ES - New Building & Site WorkCooper & Company, Inc.$16,138,890.00
06/19/2008Central Cluster Elementary School - Site WorkGary's Grading and Pipeline Co., Inc.$4,548,389.50
05/20/2008Shiloh Cluster Elementary School - Site WorkAce Grading Company LLC$2,385,494.00
05/15/2008Archer High School - Sewer & Pump StationLanier Contracting Company$720,935.35
05/06/2008Peachtree Ridge Cluster Elementary School #1 - Site WorkSimpson Trucking & Grading, Inc.$2,799,000.00
04/17/2008Lanier High School - LAN CablingGC & E Systems Group$659,000.00
04/17/2008Lanier High School - New BuildingDoster Construction Company$40,760,000.00
03/25/2008Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology - New Building & Site WorkCarroll Daniel Construction$35,454,919.00
03/20/2008Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors, Inc.$1,527,601.00
03/18/2008Annistown Elementary School, Shiloh Middle School & Shiloh High School - Ceiling & Lighting ModificationsTarata, Inc.$855,504.00
03/18/2008Britt Elementary School & Centerville Elementary School - Ceiling & Lighting ModificationsTarata, Inc.$327,572.00
03/18/2008Sweetwater Middle School & Summerour Middle School - Ceiling & Lighting ModificationsQueen Capitol Group$199,595.00
03/13/2008Pinckneyville Middle School - Re-roofingRycars Construction, LLC$436,175.00
03/11/2008Central Gwinnett High School - Re-roofingRycars Construction, LLC$370,000.00
03/11/2008Richards Middle School - Re-roofingRoof Management, Inc.$537,724.00
03/06/2008Arcado Elementary School - Re-roofingPremium Roofing Services$345,936.00
03/06/2008Camp Creek Elementary School - Re-roofingAll-Tex Roofing, Inc.$315,590.00
03/06/2008Suwanee Elementary School - Re-roofingRoof Management, Inc.$364,000.00
02/26/2008Bethesda Elementary School - Re-roofingAll-Tex Roofing, Inc.$153,800.00
02/26/2008Grayson Elementary School - Re-roofingNations Roof $74,900.00
02/26/2008Monarch School - Re-roofingAll-Tex Roofing, Inc.$64,340.00
02/26/2008T. Carl Buice School - Re-roofingNations Roof$156,200.00
02/21/2008Pinckneyville Middle School - HVAC RenovationShumate Mechanical$1,094,880.00
02/21/2008Richards Middle School & Cedar Hill Elementary School - HVAC RenovationHeritage Mechanical$1,980,603.00
02/19/2008Shiloh Middle School & Knight Elementary School - HVAC RenovationHeritage Mechanical$1,578,317.00
02/14/2008Archer High School - Athletic FacilitiesMooney Construction, Inc.$5,918,000.00
02/14/2008North Gwinnett High School - Parking Lot AdditionFowler Precast, Inc.$208,828.53
02/12/2008Mountain View High School - Athletic FacilitiesC.P. Richards Construction Co., Inc.$5,387,000.00
02/07/2008Maxwell High School - Modifications - Phase IA.M. Adams Building Corporation$809,000.00
02/05/2008Lanier High School - Athletic FacilitiesSwofford Construction, Inc.$10,014,000.00
01/24/2008Dyer Elementary School Replacement - New BuildingCarroll Daniel Construction$12,380,956.00
01/22/2008Buford, Harbins and Norcross Fleet Maintenance Repair Facilities - AdditionsHamby Construction Company$1,268,068.00
01/17/2008Woodward Mill Elementary School - New BuildingBowen & Watson, Inc.$12,995,000.00
01/08/2008Non-Water Using Urinals Proposals - Request for ProposalsZero Flush$517,500.00
10/16/2007Starling Elementary School - New BuildingHensler & Beavers General Contractors$12,603,436.00
08/30/2007Bay Creek Middle School - New BuildingRogers Construction Co.$15,260,467.00
08/16/2007Twin Rivers Middle School - New BuildingSaliba Construction Company, Inc.$23,185,000.00
06/19/2007Mill Creek/Collins Hill/Dacula Cluster ES #1 - Site WorkAce Grading Company LLC$1,579,850.00
06/14/2007Collins Hill High School - New Field HouseHamby Construction Company$1,691,327.00
05/31/2007Mill Creek/Collins Hill/Dacula Cluster Elementary School #2 - Site WorkAce Grading Company LLC$2,328,011.00
04/20/2007Berkmar High School - Exterior Building RenovationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$723,600.00
04/19/2007Richards Middle School - Canopy ModificationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$171,000.00
04/12/2007Parkview High School Phase II Renovation - Buildings E & F - RenovationHamby Construction Company$1,709,937.00
03/29/2007Grayson Cluster Middle School #2 - New Building & Site WorkRogers Construction Co.$19,392,005.00
03/27/2007Gwinnett School of Advanced Mathematics, Science, and Technology at Duluth High School - ModificationsKR-Witwer, Inc.$389,000.00
03/20/2007Sugar Hill Elementary School - Activity Building AdditionsHamby Construction Company$180,218.00
03/14/2007Hopkins Elementary School - Re-roofRoof Management, Inc.$419,962.00
03/13/2007Berkmar/Central Cluster High School - SiteAce Grading Company LLC$1,859,135.78
02/20/2007Parkview High School Phase II Renovation - Building H - RenovationMerit Construction Company$1,168,000.00
02/13/2007Benefield Replacement Elementary School - New Building & Site WorkHensler & Beavers General Contractors, Inc.$13,385,600.00
02/06/2007Grayson High School - Field HouseAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$1,589,300.00
02/01/2007North Cluster Middle School - New Building & Site WorkPiedmont Construction Group, LLC$24,195,000.00
01/18/2007Upper North Cluster Elementary School - New BuildingNix-Fowler Constructors, Inc.$11,005,000.00
01/16/2007Crews Middle School - AdditionA. M. Adams Building Corporation$1,399,000.00
01/10/2007Lawrenceville West - Print Shop RelocationCarroll Daniel Construction$399,750.00
01/09/2007South Cluster Elementary School #1 - New Building & Site WorkCarroll Daniel Construction$14,850,000.00
12/14/2006Mill Creek Cluster Elementary School #1 - New Building & Site WorkNix-Fowler Constructors, Inc.$15,289,150.00
12/13/2006Grayson/Dacula Cluster High School - New Building & Site WorkBowen & Watson, Inc.$50,610,000.00
12/06/2006Mill Creek/Collins Hill/Dacula Cluster High School - New Building & Site WorkCreamer-Pearce, LLC$47,572,000.00
11/30/2006Grayson Cluster Elementary School #1 - New Building & Site WorkRogers Construction Co.$16,265,300.00
11/15/2006Knight Elementary School - Wastewater Treatment Package PlantMack Industries$133,500.00
11/14/2006Knight Elementary School - Additions & RenovationsAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$7,455,968.00
10/17/2006Collins Hill High School - Sitework for New Field HouseChas, Inc.$177,038.00
07/11/2006Parkview High School - Phase II - Renovation - Building JAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$570,185.00
06/15/2006Upper North Cluster Middle School - New BuildingPiedmont Construction Group, LLC$21,300,000.00
05/25/2006Parkview High School - Phase II - Renovation - Buildings A and CA.M. Adams and DNB Builders
03/16/2006Dacula Middle School - Re-roofingMetalcrafts, Inc.$165,000.00
03/16/2006Head Elementary School - Re-roofingRoofUSA$386,403.00
03/14/2006Shiloh High School - Re-roofingRoof Management, Inc.$651,747.00
03/14/2006Shiloh Middle School - Re-roofingAll-Tex Roofing, Inc.$549,500.00
02/09/2006Lilburn Middle School - HVAC ModificationsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$91,830.00
02/09/2006Peachtree Elementary School - HVAC ModificationsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$207,250.00
01/19/2006Upper North Cluster Middle School and Upper North Cluster Elementary School - Site WorkHensler & Beavers General Contractors$11,357,000.00
01/17/2006Grayson/Dacula Area Relief Elementary School - New Building and Site WorkRogers Construction Co.$13,835,000.00
01/12/2006Lawrenceville East - RenovationsHamby Construction Co.$2,701,275.00
01/10/2006Mill Creek Cluster Relief Elementary School - New Building and Site WorkCreamer-Pearce, LLC$12,111,000.00
01/06/2006Mountain Park Elementary School - Waste Water Treatment Plant InstallationMack Industries$144,200.00
12/08/2005Arcado Elementary School - AdditionSalloum Construction Co., Inc.$5,656,000.00
11/08/2005Oakland Meadow School - ReplacementCarroll Daniel Construction$10,227,140.00
10/18/2005Dacula Cluster Relief Elementary School - New Building and Site WorkBowen & Watson, Inc.$12,681,500.00
10/11/2005Corley Elementary School - AdditionAmacher Brothers Construction Co.$4,300,043.00
10/04/2005J.A. Alford Elementary School - AdditionHensler & Beavers General Contractors, Inc.$4,180,156.00
09/23/2005Instructional Support Center - Audio and Video System Phase IDonald Camp, Inc.$449,530.00
09/20/2005Shiloh High School - TheaterRicks Contractors$4,877,231.00
09/19/2005T. Carl Buice Center - HVAC ModificationsStiles Heating & Cooling$647,728.00
09/15/2005Ivy Creek Elementary School - AdditionAmacher Brothers Construction Company$6,204,381.00
09/08/2005Duncan Creek Elementary School - AdditionBowen & Watson, Inc.$6,141,400.00
09/01/2005Stripling Elementary School - AdditionA.M. Adams Building Corporation$1,938,020.00
08/30/2005Sycamore Elementary School - AdditionCharles Black Construction$3,913,900.00
07/19/2005Dacula Elementary School - Addition - Phase IISaliba Construction Company$3,555,000.00
07/14/20055th District Maintenance Shop - Phase II Build-OutRogers Construction Company$1,060,034.00
06/14/2005Lilburn Fleet & Grounds - Phase II Build-OutAmacher Brothers Construction Company$1,485,844.00
04/28/2005Instructional Support Center - Data Center ConstructionMetro Power$1,319,000.00
04/28/2005Instructional Support Center - Data Center Equipment Installation (three parts)Cummins South - Joe Powell and Associates - Critical Components
04/28/2005Instructional Support Center - RenovationsHogan Construction Group, LLC$13,420,692.00
04/12/2005Pest Control Proposal - Request for ProposalAllgood Services of Georgia$951,534.22
03/24/2005Berkmar High School - HVAC SystemsStiles Heating and Cooling$192,000.00
03/24/2005Dacula Middle School - 4th Floor In FillHamby Construction Company$849,179.00
03/22/2005Norcross ES and Pinckneyville MS - Re-roofingRoof Management, Inc.$194,012.00
03/22/2005Rockbridge ES - Re-roofingConstruction Services $382,800.00
03/17/2005Benefield ES/Oakland Center - Re-roofingBen Hill Roofing & Siding Co., Inc.$248,836.00
02/21/2005North Gwinnett HS & Lanier MS - HVAC SystemsConditioned Air Systems, Inc.$643,623.00
02/17/2005Duluth High School - Tennis Courts A.M. Adams$388,000.00
01/25/2005Instructional Support Center - Demolition and SalvageHumphries and Company$274,437.00
01/20/2005Fleet and Grounds Maintenance - Office Admn. Bldg & Bus Shop
Rogers Construction Company
01/18/2005Berkmar High School - Video SurveillanceBCC Systems$289,520.00
12/14/2004Dacula High School - AdditionPiedmont Construction Group, LLC$17,339,000.00
11/02/2004Camp Creek Elementary School - AdditionFoster & Company$3,425,750.00
10/07/2004Cooper Elementary School - AdditionCarroll Daniel Construction$7,360,000.00
09/28/2004Simpson Elementary School - AdditionAmacher Brothers Construction$4,200,509.00
09/14/2004Beaver Ridge Elementary School - AdditionBowen & Watson$5,600,000.00
09/02/2004Nesbit Elementary School - AdditionRogers Construction$6,738,000.00
08/24/2004Parkview High School - AdditionPiedmont Construction$6,194,635.00
08/17/2004Brookwood Elementary School - AdditionRogers Construction$6,008,200.00
08/10/2004Walnut Grove Elementary School - AdditionAmacher Brothers Construction$3,761,461.00
07/20/2004Norton Elementary School - Addn & Activity Bldg Demo & Re-erectionCarroll Daniel Construction$8,500,000.00
06/29/2004Brookwood High School - AdditionSwofford Construction$6,323,000.00
06/22/2004Dacula Elementary School - AdditionBowen & Watson$6,733,000.00
06/17/2004South Gwinnett HS - Baseball BuildingAmacher Brothers Construction Company$863,000.00
04/27/2004South Gwinnett High School - Addition - Phase IIBowen & Watson, Inc.$11,733,600.00
04/20/2004Grayson High School - Classroom In-fillBowen & Watson, Inc.$753,000.00
03/18/2004Chattahoochee Elementary School - AdditionRicks Contractors$3,102,023.00
02/19/2004Trickum Middle School Replacement - BuildingSalloum Construction $15,736,000.00
02/17/2004Dacula High School - Video SurveillanceLMI Electrical Contractors$291,911.00
02/17/2004South Gwinnett High School - Site workE.R. Snell Contractors, Inc.$1,363,851.00
01/22/2004Jackson Elementary School - AdditionV.E. King Construction Company, Inc.$4,321,287.00
01/13/2004Arcado ES, Norton ES, Brookwood ES - Activity BuildingsAmacher Brothers Construction Company $1,176,337.00
12/11/2003Parkview HS and Shiloh HS - Video SurveillanceDonald Camp, Inc.$619,348.00
12/04/2003McConnell Middle School - AdditionRogers Construction Company$5,227,203.00
11/25/2003Central Gwinnett HS - LAN Cabling & Video SurveillanceLMI Electrical Contractors$511,519.00
11/20/2003Harbins ES - AdditionSalloum Construction Company$3,785,700.00
11/18/2003Dacula High School - Addition to GymAmacher Brothers Construction$505,144.00
10/23/2003Magill Elementary School - LAN CablingCamp Electric$89,920.00
10/07/2003Lilburn Elemetary School - LAN CablingLMI Electrical Contractors$83,255.00
10/02/2003Rock Springs Elementary School - LAN CablingCamp Electric$103,200.00
10/02/2003Snellville Middle School - LAN CablingMetro Power$89,361.00
09/30/2003Craig Elementary School - LAN CablingRicks Contractors$4,640,130.00