Transportation Contact Numbers (Special Needs)

Transportation Contact Numbers (Special Needs)

Central Office Customer Service
770-338-4800 -- Regular Ed. Transportation Customer Service
770-513-6881 -- Special Needs Transportation Customer Service

If you need to report a student will not ride the Special Needs bus today, please call the Dispatch Department at 770-513-6686, prompt #1.

Special Needs - Transportation Contact Numbers

School Name
Special Needs
Alcova ESTimi
Alford ESCarol
Anderson-Livsey ESHoma
Annistown ESHoma
Arcado ESDebbie
Archer HSMargie
Bay Creek MSHoma
Beaver Ridge ESCarmen
Benefield ESCarol
Berkeley Lake ESCarmen
Berkmar HSCarol
Berkmar MSDebbie
Bethesda ESCarol
Britt ESHoma
Brookwood ESMargie
Brookwood HSMargie
Buice PKJennifer
Burnette ESPam
Camp Creek ESDebbie
Cedar Hill ESCarol
Centerville ESHoma
Central Gwinnett HSHazel
Chattahoochee ESPam
Chesney ESCarmen
Collins Hill HSHazel
Cooper ESMargie
Corley ESCarmen
Couch MSMargie
Craig ESMargie
Creekland MSHazel
Crews MSMargie
Dacula ESTimi
Dacula HSTimi
Dacula MSTimi
Duluth HSPam
Duluth MSPam
Duncan Creek ESTimi
Dyer ESTimi
Ferguson ESPam
Five Forks MSCarol
Fort Daniel ESTimi
Freeman's Mill ESTimi
Give East MS/HSHazel
Give West MS/HSCarmen
Grace Snell MSHoma
Grayson ESMargie
Grayson HSMargie
Gwin Oaks ESCarol
Harbins ESTimi
Harmony ESJennifer
Harris ESPam
Head ESHoma
Holt ESHazel
Hooper Renwick MS/HSHazel
Hopkins ESCarol
Hull MSPam
Ivy Creek ESJennifer
Jackson ESPam
Jenkins ESHazel
Jones MSJennifer
Kanoheda ESCarol
Knight ESDebbie
Lanier HSJennifer
Lanier MSJennifer
Lawrenceville ESHazel
Level Creek ESJennifer
Lilburn ESDebbie
Lilburn MSDebbie
Lovin ESMargie
Magill ESHoma
Marcus InstituteTimi
Mason ESPam
McConnell MSMargie
McKendree ESPam
Meadowcreek ESDebbie
Meadowcreek HSDebbie
Mill Creek HSTimi
Minor ESCarol
Monarch SchoolPam
Mountain Park ESDebbie
Mountain View HSTimi
Mulberry ESTimi
Nesbit ESDebbie
Norcross ESCarmen
Norcross HSCarmen
Northbrook MS Pam Copeland 770-806-7892
North Gwinnett HSJennifer
North Gwinnett MSJennifer
Norton ESHoma
Oakland MeadowsHazel
Osborne MSTimi
Parkview HSDebbie
Parsons ESPam
Partee ESHoma
Patrick ESJennifer
Peachtree ESCarmen
Peachtree Ridge HSPam
Pharr ESMargie
Pinckneyville MSCarmen
Puckett's Mill ESTimi
Radloff MSCarmen
Richards MSCarol
Riverside ESJennifer
Roberts ESJennifer
Rock Springs ESJennifer
Rockbridge ESCarmen
Rosebud ESHoma
Shiloh ESHoma
Shiloh HSHoma
Shiloh MSHoma
Simonton ESHazel
Simpson ESCarmen
Snellville MSHoma
South Gwinnett HSHoma
Starling ESMargie
Stripling ESCarmen
Sugar Hill ESJennifer
Summerour MSCarmen
Suwanee ESJennifer
Sweetwater MSCarol
Sycamore ESJennifer
Taylor ESHazel
Trickum MSDebbie
Trip ESHoma
Twin Rivers MSTimi
Walnut Grove ESHazel
White Oak ESJennifer
Woodward Mill ESHazel

West Transportation Office
Transportation Manager, Cheryl Mauldin
Office 678-226-7032
FAX 770-513-6882

Berkmar HS
Duluth HS
Give West
Meadowcreek HS
Norcross HS
Parkview HS
Peachtree Ridge HS

East Transportation Office
Transportation Manager, Deana Watkins
Office 678-226-7030
FAX 770-513-6882

Archer HS
Brookwood HS
Central Gwinnett HS
Collins Hill HS
Dacula HS
Give East
Grayson HS
Hooper Renwick HS
Lanier HS
Marcus Institute
Mill Creek HS
Mountain View HS
North Gwinnett HS
Oakland Meadows
Shiloh HS
South Gwinnett HS